Organization and Management Control
Organization and Management Control

Choose how to Grow!

We provide a comprehensive management consultancy service to meet the diverse needs of the entrepreneur. We drive the company towards the most appropriate strategic choices to ensure both stability and growth. We consider this to be the heart of the organization of Directional Consulting. We help the company to define its goals, we study the plan of action and we also support with temporary management activities. The Company's organization is the real challenge that SMEs are facing to make efficient processes, so we like to define responsibilities and instruments according to the objectives defined by the company.

We identify areas of risk and organizational deficiencies compared to the reference model, integrating business processes already in place with the activities necessary to make the organization more effective.

  • Definition of organizational models and enterprise's current ideal
  • Definition of organizational gaps and dimensioning of structures depending on the market and industry
  • Change management to development Service
  • Creation of a Business Plan for Internationalization