Export Compass
Export Compass

Expandi Consulting has created Export Compass, an agile and effective tool for orientation and driving the aspirations of companies towards internationalization.

What is it:

Export Compass is an audit service, analysis and planning that allows you to:

  • Make a Company's checkup and locate Internal aspects more critics and determinants in export optical.
  • Produces an analysis of attractiveness and profitability of the markets for the referent sector and the range of products / services of the company.
  • Proposes an intervention plan to address more ways for effective goals of internationalization in coherence with the company's potential.


  • Starting From Roots and Dai Fundamental, allows for a detailed analysis of all crucial aspects undertaking to start or continue in a more effective and profitable the process of internationalization.
  • Promotes proper positioning to the current interest markets and planning towards future markets, avoiding waste of time and resources towards destinations unsuitable or unprofitable.
  • It allows you to have a realistic and consistent with the company's potential intervention plan, and a competitive positioning of your goals expansion in foreign markets short and medium-long period.