Luigi Meregalli





Economics Degree at Milan University. Master in Internationalization Processes for SME at NIBI New Institute for International Business – Milan. Master at ICE ACADEMY – Confindustria Emilia Romagna in Export Management

Professional experiences:

He has had considerable international experiences in Internationalized Financial Groups, mainly in a leading Dutch Cooperative Bank becoming Country Sales Manager of a Business Unit in Italy. He has been in charge of Internationalization strategy for Italian SMEs for years with main focus on Latin American markets, where in addition to Brazil, there are many interesting emerging economies very sensitive toward our Italian know how. He has managed and continuously taken care of each phase of the entry strategy policies in targeted countries including financial issues strictly linked to starting up, growth & development processing. He has worked for Finlombarda SpA, Financial arm of Regione Lombardia, as International Business Consultant and he has also been registered as a Network Manager in Regione Lombardia. He is one of the founders of the Italian-Chilean Trade Association and is manager for Energy & Efficiency Committee. He’s member of a Local Banking Institution Board of Directors.


Italian (native), English, Spanish.